Our team of courteous professionals understands the state and federal standards governing medical waste and can help design a biohazardous materials pickup and disposal service that fits your budget and the busy schedule at your facility. Biohazardous materials disposal is the core of our business, allowing us to offer the following advantages to meet the demands of your facility:

  • Fleet of transport vehicles equipped with professional containers
  • Flexible pickup and schedules
  • OSHA compliant waste treatment and disposal
  • Staff training on OSHA, HIPAA, and state biohazardous materials handling procedures
  • Thorough documentation and tracking on pickup, transport, and disposal
  • Electronic Manifest System to easily access your disposal records and support compliance reporting.


Proper sharps disposal protects your staff and patients from injuries and possible infection. Allied Medical Waste provides containers for the disposal and pickup of needles, syringes, vials, pipettes, culture equipment, blades, and root canal files. We work closely with your facility to identify your specific sharps disposal needs and provide the following:

  • Sealable sharps containers in a variety of shapes and sizes and all required labels
  • Thorough documentation and tracking on pickup, transport, and disposal
  • Electronic Manifest System to easily access your sharps disposal records and support compliance reporting


Pharmaceutical waste is often more highly regulated than other types of medical wastes and requires special packaging, handling, transportation, and disposal procedures. Hospitals and medical facilities typically store thousands of different pharmaceutical products, many with unique handling and disposal requirements.

Allied Medical Waste offers pharmaceutical waste disposal services that keep your facility in compliance with all OSHA, EPA, and state regulations. Our drivers are trained in all regulations pertaining to pharmaceutical waste. You can be assured that with our help, pharmaceutical waste generated by your facility will be safely disposed of, without harmful impacts to the environment or health of the surrounding community.


Trace chemotherapy waste is categorized as vials, containers, personal protective equipment, and other materials that are not visibly contaminated or those with less than 3% of the original chemotherapy content. Improper removal or disposal of these items can lead to serious violations and penalties. Allied Medical Waste has experience managing the specific requirements of trace chemotherapy waste removal, and can tailor a pickup and disposal program that meets the specific needs of your operation.


Pathological waste is biohazardous waste containing organs, tissues, fluids or other bodily substances. Special procedures that apply to pathological waste include proper labeling, packaging, and often, incineration. Allied Medical Waste serves many clients with specialized needs for pathological waste disposal. Whether your facility is new to these requirements, or you simply want to reduce your current disposal costs, Allied Medical Waste can offer you an affordable program with personalized customer service.